Spiritess Services

Our immune systems in our body are our antibiotic! We can absolute heal ourselves no matter what! We have to make a decision on it and act on it.
Clearing emotional hidden baggage in your body is the key. Addressing situations at hand is another. Stop the lying to yourself is another one. Hanging out with people situations is another!
I don’t believe you can catch anything if you’re connected to your body.Address the trauma, look at your issues and speak out and up about what is going on with you.
This is what I know about my body. THIS IS WHOM I AM!! This is also not about blaming the external world or the situation! Its about recognising the patterns and doing something about it.
Not just once. Woking on connection to your cells, molecules, skin, chakras and more.
I love the human body, what it can do, how it can heal itself.
I truly know that if you choose to listen to your body and how she likes to be treated then the opportunity to open up for healing is always there.
Im not against science or doctors. I just choose to listen to my Body.
If you were to ask me what I would choose for my health if I was unwell I would say I would ask my body. Then I would work with her from there.
My body doesn’t lie, doest have a point of view and doesn’t judge others or myself.
So being connected to her is my aim every day as much as I can in my moments!
Its about strengthening the mind body and spirit!
Dealing with struggles in life has become the can’t avoid in life. Believe me I know as well as I used to and still can at times buy into the outside stuff and then avoid what is really going on. Its just how we have been programmed to be generation after generations!
Our cells and organs have memories of situations that can come back to remind us and then we fall back into the dark abyss.! This can be from this life time and or past life time! So we can not move forward.
Health connections to mind body and spirit can be as follows.
Dealing with pain, trauma, hidden agendas or struggles of daily life! Strengthening the connection with mind body and spirit takes effort from you, consistency even if you navigate of the road the important thing is not for long and jump back on to continue your self love and healing journey!
A healthy mind is someone that chooses to exercise daily and do something the brain will keep healthy like getting your sleep when you require it. Positive thoughts, gratitude keeps the brain healthy. Good food, water, The brain requires to think and ponder though having a healthy mind creates healthy thoughts!
A healthy body is free of disease and illness, and it is not riddled with pain. Bodily health is also made possible by a healthy diet, good nutrition, and regular exercise.
A Healthy Spirit!
Being spiritual is being centred and having an understanding that you are part of something much bigger than yourself. Facilitating a healthy spirit includes being part of a community to share yourself with others, and to give without expecting anything tangible in return. A healthy spirit requires self love.

These services are to assist you and your body. Regular Ceremony for yourself and your body is a gift for her and you..