About Us

Well hi there,
Here is where you find out a bit about me!!!

I used to have big issues talking about myself.. and always find a way to not talk about me and talk about you! It has taken many years to actually like all of me. Daily work is the key I have found.

My name is Margaret, I am a friend, mum, wife, healer, business owner, sensitive being, I love love!!


Do I have it all together?.. Nope! What does that mean anyway? I am happy though, joyful, and like myself! Yep I do. We have all had stuff happen, it is huge to us at the time of being in that moment, but you see that moment is not usually the key, it is past moments that we truly react to. Our ego mind tells is it is the present moment.

I love all of me and am happy to be able to share myself with you. This stage of stepping up and out to you has taking me till now to say yes I am ready. I am passionate about my work, I love assisting and empowering women all over the world. I have had my fair share of inner pain, some of it created by my choices! It is a big story. Which in time you will get to know if you allow me to share more and more of my work and my life with you.

I run healing circles, retreats, workshops of all sorts and meditation classes. I also see many on a one on one basis from my healing temple at home. I get a huge hit of love when I see you actually practicing self care tools on yourself, when you leave my healing temple.

My journey started over 20 years ago, when having a child who nearly passed away. Dylan is the man who put me on my path. He survived but has a few challenges which keeps me busy, but real and present. I am lucky he is with us, an old soul for sure. I went on to have another two children, Amy and Alyssa.. They are all unique in their own way and also keep me open to play with my inner child. My husband is amazing and we are both lucky we found each other. Supportive beyond words. I wished for him, I received.

I could keep writing but I know that as you connect with me you will learn more about me. Come and join us in one of our workshops or circles. We are a great bunch of ladies and would love for you to come and unpack.

Thanks for being here.

Much love, Margaret