Spiritess of the Earth Room Spray

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"Spiritess of the Earth Spray"
A Room Spray for the Mind, Body & Spirit 
An absolutely beautiful, uplifting and unique spray!

Made with essential oils of - Geranium, Orange, Lavender & Frankincense
Essential Oils Healing Properties 
Orange - cleansing, positivity, creativity, energising, soothes anxiety, regeneration of the spirit
Geranium - calming effect, balances emotions, relieves stress, aids with anger & depression
Lavender - promotes happiness, love & peace, clear thinking, brings chakras into balance, calming
Frankincense - grounding, spiritual connection, aids inspiration, encourages freedom of expression & clarity
Glass Bottle is 100ml
Collaborated with Free Yourself  Essential Oils 
Note: Not to be used if pregnant