The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn

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The Mysterious World of Dreams Revealed...

Dreams are secret message from your soul, as well as from the realm of Spirit. They can be your greatest tool for profoundly understanding your life, yet few people recognise how to access this tremendous source of guidance and wisdom. 

Beat-selling author Denise Linn calls upon her native heritage and her knowledge of diverse cultures to present little-known information about the world of dreams. In this fascinating book, she brings you simple easy to utilise your nocturnal travels for spiritual transformation. Denise herself has journeyed into the space between two worlds through a near-death experience and has brought back invaluable perceptions that she share within these pages. 

This comprehensive work uncovers the power of dreams, enabling you to:

- Remember your dreams and recognise their meaning

- Hear personal messages from the Spirit realm 

- Develop the skill of astral projection

- Heal yourself and your loved ones

- Meet your guides and angels

- Explore past lives

- Learn how to have prophetic dreams

There's also a complete dream dictionary featuring the most prevalent dreamsymbols and how to interpret them!