Talk to The Entities by Shannon O'Hara

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An Invitation to a Totally Different Possibility
Talk to the Entities - Third Edition
Join Shannon O'Hara on a journey of the work seen through very different eyes. 
Through the experience of a girl growing up seeing, hearing, and talking with spirits, Talk to the Entities share an exceptional glimpse into a world many know, but few acknowledge. Sometimes awareness of the others in our midst is a blessing and sometimes a curse, yet it is intriguing every step of the way.
Vulnerable, compelling, and empowering, Talk to the Entities sets a whole new standard for books of its kind and will continue to inspire a different way of seeing the world now and into the future.
Warning, after reading this you may never see the world the same and you may also start to open up to your own abilities with entities. 
Awareness is the greatest journey. 
What do you know that you are pretending not to know?
Total - 158 pages