Spiritual Discovery Journal - A Guide for Your Awakening

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                           Enjoy a full year of unique journaling experiences!
Every month is written and designed by a highly inspirational and influential leader in the spiritual space. They have each crafted their unique way of journaling for you to explore and learn in ways you never have before.

💜Soul Discovery
🏃‍♀️Fitness & Health

What's in the journal?
🌟Wake up to the wisdom of your Soul with Archangel prescriptions
🌟Numerology practices for self discovery & soul purpose
🌟Enhancing fitness through mindful journaling and planning
🌟Mindfulness practices that nurture heart coherence
🌟Mediumship - connecting to loved ones in spirit
🌟Healing practices for a life enriched and free
🌟Activate Your Senses For Inspired Journaling
🌟Framing your vision, mission and goals to focus on your life purpose
🌟Channel your guides' messages through meditative practices
🌟Ancestral Healing to break family karmic patterns
🌟Master Manifesting become a Magical manifesting magnet
🌟Reading using the Moon to map your journey