Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Board - 'Metatron's Cube'

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Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Board - 'Metatron's Cube' - Pink

Metatron's Cube  is a sacred geometrical symbol that represents a map of creation and contains the very shapes that are the building blocks of all physical matter. This sacred symbol has been revered by mystics, sages and ancient civilisations throughout the ages of time. 

Incorporating sacred geometry into your crystal grids as a manifestation tool can help to connect, clear, amplify and re-direct energy. This board is ideal for crystal grid work, but can also be used as a working tool on your alter for ritual, or simply as a beautiful, mystical and meaningful display for your beautiful crystals. 

The spheres of Metatron's Cube represent the feminine energy, whilst the straight line represents the masculine. The geometric shape that is Metatron's Cube effectively weaves together the male and female aspects to create both balance and oneness - a reminder that we are all part of the infinite ALL.

Each of these grid boards is unique and has been hand-painted with loving intent. Each board has been energetically cleansed before being attuned during meditation and ritual to assist with crystal gridwork for the highest good.