#Now: The Surprising Truth about the Power of Now by Dr Max McKeown

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Are you depressed by the past? Stressed by the present? Made anxious by the future? Or do you feel elated by the thrill of seizing the day? When you better understand the relationship of the past to the present, and the present to the future, you will be prepared to love today, and prepare for tomorrow.

Dr Max McKeown highlights the paradoxes of modern life and shows you how the smart people, smart networks and smart organisations are harnessing this paradoxical now to shape better futures that could never have been planned. You will learn from others how to grasp opportunities while they are still changing in shape and nature, how to seize the future by seizing today, and how to confidently connect what you can do at this moment with what you want to accomplish later.

By recognising the nature of the real world with its unknowability and mind-blowing complexity, you can learn a #NOW style for a #NOW culture. You can become a strategic serendipist.