Money Blue Print.

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All of us, as Divine Beings in a human experience, are already perfectly accomplished manifestos. We are already creating every aspect of our experience, and all of our circumstances, through the power of our free will and our ability to choose. In fact, the one choice we do not have is to stop choosing! We are manifesting all the time because we are making choices every minute of every day.

Of course, for most of us, the manifesting process remains largely unconscious. Most people live in the illusion that at least some things happen “to” us. Learning about our Soul’s inherent design for its manifesting process isn’t about becoming a more effective manifestor.

Instead, uncovering our Soul’s Manifesting Blueprint is about becoming 100% intentional in the use of our inherent manifesting abilities, so that we can create what we intend.

Our ability to manifest our human experience is actually why our Soul bothers to incarnate into a physical body. Only here, in this third-dimensional experience, can the Soul experience itself within the clear boundaries of “me” and “I.” Only in this third-dimensional experience are we clearly and in arguably individuated. Each of our Souls are housed in individual containers - our bodies. Our choices are clearly ours because we make those choices by taking action with our bodies. Our consequences are also clearly ours because we experience them with our bodies! Nobody can take action for us, just like nobody else can experience anything on our behalf. Our Souls came here only to experience themselves as Creators, through the process of choice and consequence. This third-dimensional experience is the only way the Soul can truly experience itself ... because only here are we clearly individuated!

Let go of the idea that you are here to accomplish or “do” anything. Your Soul’s purpose is simple. Your Soul is simply here to experience its Divinity, through Creatorship.
Divine Source created the Soul to experience itself. After all, if you are everything, how can you know yourself except by creating something that is OF you, but not ALL of you? By creating individuated expressions of its Wholeness, Divine Source gets to experience itself in infinite variety and abundance.


What if you could unblock those money issues that keep arising. Or what if you could keep creating more and more for yourself to do all your hearts desires. 


With permission I can go in and see your blockages and give you the tools to maintain your magic and look into your past life money stuff. 


Money isn't the problem we usually are. 


This investment for you is 

Your money blueprint, the old wounds, the road blocks and the past life occurrences that was created and can be cleared . This will be a detailed report. This will also be done on a zoom and recored so you can listen at your leisure and revisit how far you have moved forward from past wounds. 


Your home will be also looked at and see what your desires are and what has attracted to your home and land and align to her and clear  your  home. This means a detailed report of your home and crystals to have also that you can place for you and yourself to create with ease. 


You will also get a recording with clearings to listen to so you can keep healing your money agreements or contracts you may have collected on the way in past or this lifetimes. 


You will also receive an essentials pack for Cermoney to do for yourself to vision your inner wise to keep opening up abundance on all levels. 


When purchased you will receive a PDF to answer questions about yourself and your home to send back to me. 


These reports and work behind the scene will take up to 3 weeks to do. You will also get and appointment time for us to gather and go through your reports.. 

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