Hopes and Dreams Journal

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We're a team of goal-setters and go-getters at Intrinsic, so it was only natural we created this Hopes, Dreams & Wishes Journal. Perfect for everyone from regular goal-setters to those taking the first steps in discovering their best selves and best life, this Journal will have you striving, reaching and searching. In the Journal, we provide the tools to enable you to live your most magnificent life.

Our Hopes, Dreams & Wishes Journal is a guided one, with three tabbed sections focusing on different stages of your journey. The first Hopes, Dreams & Wishes section asks what matters most and sets up a dream date, to uncover your greatest hopes, dreams and wishes. Goals are set in motion through the second Goal Planner area. Finally, your experiences, highlights, discoveries and challenges are recorded in the third Celebrate The Journey section.

Size 210 x 210mm