Choosing Embodiment Package!

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Starts: Feb 19th and 20th 2022  Saturday and Sunday 
Time: 10 am to 3 pm
Location: Berwick
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Welcome! You're invited to our   LIVE Choosing Embodiment Workshop for 2022 

This 2 day weekend is for you to come and invest and be more of you.

If you have not joined our group yet come in and watch the video,

What we are doing on this  weekend!

A question, do you know when you and your body is in Crisis! Or had a Trauma?
Talking to your body and getting to know her is not something we are taught to do in this reality.

This weekend Karina and Margaret will go through!



The focus of the weekend retreat will be about finding your anchor. I have not presented this information before even on the online programmes of embodiment that we have already done. Finding your anchor is about living from your authentic self and accessing your inner strength to heal your weight , self esteem and body weight issues . Moving to a life where food is enjoyed and not used for unhealthy reasons.

Finding our soul satisfaction is that part of us that is unchanging, our essence , our true self. Satisfying your soul is about living from who you truly are, being anchored by your essential nature..its the anchor that grounds us to be in our full embodiment.

Stopping surface behaviours- its not about the food- Addressing overeating, bingeing, dieting, the use of diet pills, diuretics,emotional eating, alcoholism and other addictions. What drives you to use the food the way you do. What have food and weight loss issues cost you in life?

Emerging from our emotions-emotional regulation, attachment style and the mind of the emotional eater. Traumatic experiences

Embracing our bodies wisdom- what do you require. Discussing nutrients here too ☺ Mindful mindfulness exercise-body image, body identity archetypes

Creating new love beliefs- core beliefs, identity, let go and change your perception

Finding soul satisfaction- the joy of eating well, moving your body, managing stress, nourishing your spirit and finding your anchor
Making your own Elixirs to be take home for you and your body.
Iridology to be able to identify for yourself what is occurring in your body. ( Karina will show you a few ways for you to see what is happening in your body) 


This is all about you! Your inner work and also sealing the path for a brighter body, a lighter body and no fighting or fleeing!

Finding your Fight and Flight response and clearing your contracts.

Emotions Getting on the table to clear what is yours and what your carrying from others.

You will be working within groups and paired up with different ways to assist you and help you acknowledge the childhood wounds.

5 Levels of healing your inner relationships including food addiction. How it can disconnect us from our body.

Agreements what are they? How did you come through with them? . This will be a dive in deep process to clear any past life or contracts you have!

Auric Field how can you check in within yourself and your body to see what is yours and what isn't. The field around you has an energy that you can not physically see with your eyes though you can tap into what you can not see This is a process where I will guide you to sense and clear your heaviness.

This includes Heart and relationship  to self using the tools of soul alignment 
You will also receive a manual
All items that is required for your weekend. 
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