Brs+slv Dream catcher charm

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Brass and Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Charm for bracelet or chain. 


The dreamcatcher has become the most highly recognized symbol of Native American heritage in the west today, but before it became trendy or desirable, this sweet little trinket actually had a meaningful purpose.  Although there’s argument over exactly which tribe was the first to use dreamcatchers, the tradition spread throughout many different Indian nations in the course of the twentieth century, and ultimately remains very similar across them all.  Basically, while the women of a tribe continued with their work, the babies  would often accompany their mothers on cradle boards.  Essentially, the baby would be swaddled tightly and their swaddling wrapped around the cradle board to hold them relatively still.  Originally the dreamcatcher would be hung over the cradle board to keep the infant amused, its feathers or fringes dangling in the wind.  It was also believed that the dreamcatcher protected the infant from harm by catching or warding off negativity.

Gradually, this legend evolved, and dreamcatchers would be hung over the beds of both infants and older children to catch their nightmares or negative dreams.  This is more easily understood once the elements of the dreamcatcher are explored more deeply.  The circle itself in many ways represents the circle of life and the cyclical nature of all things.  To many Native American tribes, this was symbolic also of the life giving sun, the nurturing earth, and the moon which lights the pathways of spirit after the body has died.  The webbing too has a significance, in most cases representing the web of life..