Our Spiritual DNA

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A guide to deciphering your spiritual lineage Investigates the roles, energies, and essence of 12 Ascended Masters and how each of them holds a strand of our spiritual DNA Traces the reincarnations of Ascended Masters Mother Mary and St. Germain through history, depicting the positive and shadow aspects of their archetypal energies * Offers charts that allow you to find out which Ascended Master you relate to and thus discover your own direct connection to the Divine After examining the lives of thousands of individuals across five thousand years, Carmel Niland saw patterns in behavior, character traits, and life purpose that allowed her to connect each individual to specific Ascended Masters. Guided by renowned mystics, she realized that, just as we carry physical DNA that shapes us across generations, we also carry an energetic code or spiritual DNA that links us back to the very source of our origins--a divine ancestry linking us directly back to God. Drawing on recorded history as well as thoroughly researched and verified channeled history, Niland explains that we all hold the God essence in us as archetypal energies. These energies are represented by 12 Ascended Masters who hold the 12 strands of our spiritual DNA. Each lifetime is chosen by us depending on what we need to learn. Thus, every person on this earth, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, is an aspect of one of these Ascended Masters. The author explores the role, energies, and essence of the 12 Ascended Masters who hold our spiritual DNA by examining various personalities in history that have been instrumental in shaping the world we live in. Focusing on the masters Mother Mary and St. Germain, she depicts their archetypal energies in positive as well as shadow aspects of their incarnations and reveals how they stand at the beginning of the ancestral line to God. Niland offers charts to help you trace your own spiritual DNA through the reincarnations of the Ascended Masters and thus discover your own direct connection to the Divine. She also reveals the role of some of history's most important figures as reincarnations of the Ascended Masters, among them Queen Nefertiti, Buddha's mother Maya, Homer, Julius Caesar, Lao Tse, Merlin, Cleopatra, and Dante. Revolutionizing the Western view of reincarnation, this book allows you to understand your spiritual and genetic connection to God and to realize that we are all one large family divinely connected across gender, race, and time.